Department of Interior Design

Interior Design is concerned with the organization of interior and enclosed spaces that communicate vision and purpose and which grow from an understanding of the dynamic and ever-changing relationship between people, activities and places. As a practice it focuses on creating memorable experiences that contribute to the diversity and richness of Contemporary life. Students gain an insight into spatial composition, constructional techniques, history, arts and crafts, environmental science, materials and explore visual culture as a source of inspiration and ideas. Practitioners as creative designers draw on and explore this rich world of possibilities in order to create stimulating and memorable interior environments and spaces.

The department at SMAID manages two academic programs.
1. Bachelor of Interior Design (B. ID)     [ Download Teaching Scheme ]     [ Download Syllabus ]
2. Master of Interior Design (M. ID)       [ Download Teaching Scheme ]     [ Download Syllabus ]

Career Opportunities for B. ID professional:

The opportunities within the design industry are extensive and the course has an emphasis on creative practice to enable graduates to take full advantage of future possibilities. The type of work is diverse and includes residential, retail and leisure design, offices, showrooms institutional and exhibitions. Following are the range of opportunities after graduation:

A. To assist professional architects or Interior Designers or large design consultancies in rendering the services related to interior design.
B. To start practicing independently and handle small to large scale projects private and government as well.

Career Opportunities for M. ID professional:

1. Placement at Architect and Interior Designer Consulting Firms or
2. Developer builders in real estate
3. Set up their own entrepreneurial practice
4. Tender based Govt. projects such as interior renovation sports complex, interior design of Renovation and Refurbishment projects
5. Teaching in Institutes of Design/Interior Design/Architectural Design
6. Set Designer for Films/ events/etc
7. Establish as Kitchen Designer or Bathroom Designer

The creativity and ability of making observations, understanding behaviour of materials in circumstantial conditions, sizing-placing of different elements appropriate to human-scale, design thinking, nature mimicry, visits to material manufacturers, workshops imparting diversified skills and so on are among routine activities of the department. The students of B. ID are mingling with the students of B. Arch in their initial period of study that avails a unique opportunity of interaction and supportive skill-exchange, elevating the performance of the students.

Faculty members

Ar. Ruma Singh
         Associate Professor