Principal's Message

Student-centered learning is implied for the advanced synthesis of learning outcome with the flexible framework intended for articulated education purpose, to have an effective approach with design learning experience accessible for all students with different education and cultural backgrounds. The courses and assignments based on learning outcomes can enhance the potential of each student in terms of creative expression and multi-dimensional learning. The objectives, learning values, and standards for each course are pre-determined. However, with the changing realities of the design profession, the mentors update the content and its relevance and help the students to achieve the higher level of professional competency.

As design education is applied science, theory and practice are interdependent. The knowledge equipped with a broad spectrum of discipline knowledge, analyzing and interpreting situations, each course empowers students through the various stages involved in a learning process by “CREATING, ENGAGING, AND LEARNING EXPERIENCE”. It is realized through broad-based investigation, site visit, precedent study analysis, synthesis, and communication by the use of different methodology in each stage. The earlier part of the program focuses on a broad understanding of the fundamentals of design, relevant skills & acquiring exposure & experience through a structured & instruction-based curriculum. However, the students are encouraged to take independent but well-informed design decisions during the latter half of the program through various studio projects.

The various programs at SMAID provide the necessary direction, stimuli, and facilities to foster maturity & thereby discover their identity, ability & potential.
We strive for an Institute that involves all its stakeholders, where ideas are communicated freely and exchanged in a constructive and congenial spirit.
We train and educate our students to take responsibility for their learning and promote an attitude of lifelong learning.
We strive to instill in our students a respect for and a desire to enhance the environment in which they live.
We value responsiveness to the needs of our stakeholders, the highest of moral and ethical standards, honesty and accessibility without discrimination, a quality service orientation, and a caring approach to all.