Principal Investigator - Prof. Jyoti Gill
Co Investigator - Ar. Jemish Lathiya
- Ar. Prashant Rami
Academic Year - 2019-2020
Duration - 15-11-2019 to 14-11-2021
• Wider Objective of the project
• To support the internationalization process of HEIs in India and Nepal to improve the quality of higher education.
• Specific Project Objectives
• To collect best practices for internationalization of higher education in India and Nepal in order to serve as a basis for the internationalization processes of InterNepInd partner HEIs.
• To design internationalization strategies for Indian and Nepalese partners.
• To train the appointed staff for the successful implementation and management of the internationalization strategy.
• To create an International Office in each of the partner country HEI as a way to support the implementation of the internationalization strategy, to promote it, and to give support to all the target groups participating in the process.
• To create a network of Asian and European partners as a way to promote regional and international cooperation. European Union is funding a project on Internationalization of Higher Education Institutes in India and Nepal through Erasmus- KA2 Project. SMAID has been selected as an Institutional partner from India as part of the Consortium of Higher Education Institutions in India (5 Partners), Nepal (2 Partners), and led by the University of Aveiro (Portugal) and the University of Cartagena, Spain (Program Co-coordinator). SMAID is involved in a research survey of various Indian universities and institutions in the west zone of India. KOM- Kick-off Meeting was held at Kathmandu, Nepal during 10-13 December 2019. The team representing is by Prof. Jyoti Gill, Ar. Prashant Rami, and Ar. Jemish Lathiya & Jainesh Patel. SMAID organized various open Discussion forums with Internal as well as external Stakeholders for framing & design Strategic internationalization plan (sip) for SMAID (CVMU).