Department of Planning

We live in times in which our urban and built environments are undergoing unprecedented change. As cities continue to evolve, innovative policies and practices are desired so that development is equitable and sustainable. As a result of technological advancements and integration of societies and economies of the world, planning, development and management of cities and regions has ever become very complex. Professionally trained Urban and Regional Planners are therefore needed in order to evolve new options for the development and management of human settlements. Urban Planning is a discipline, which collates inputs from various disciplines into an integrated plan of action for shaping the natural and built environment in order to achieve a desirable quality of life in urban areas by keeping the resource constraints in view. Urban planning includes urban renewal, by adapting urban planning methods to existing cities suffering from decline. Regional/spatial planning gives geographical expression to the economic, social, cultural, and ecological policies of society.

The Key objective of these course-works is to equip the students with adequate skills required to comprehend urban and regional issues and to analyse physical, socio-economic, political, and ecological dimensions of the human settlements. The course is designed to provide necessary exposure to various planning processes, emerging trends and other related advanced technical knowhow. It intends to contribute towards the creation of professionals in the field and hence to cater to the specific needs of the industry and academics. During the course, the students will be provided with ample opportunities to interact with the subject experts, relevant organizations, etc. The course enables the students to gain real time experience through their involvement in the on-going or live projects.

The sensitization through educational qualification is imparted to the aspiring youth looking forward indulge in a dynamic career of urban and regional planning.

The department manages two programs under the CVM University.
1. Bachelor of Planning (B. Plan)     [ Download Teaching Scheme ]     [ Download Syllabus ]
2. Master of Urban & Regional Planning (M. U. R. P.)       [ Download Teaching Scheme ]     [ Download Syllabus ]

The programs offered avails opportunity to students at under-graduate and post-graduate levels. The UG students are nurtured to have sensitization about the aspects concerning the urban planning whereas the PG students attain course-works that has more focus to explore and address the societal issues and opportunities to improve the existing scenario. Every semester the students indulge in studio assignments where a unique area is assessed over several aspects including identification of solutions. The cutting-edge technological advantages through geo-informatics are also explored rigorously by the students reflecting in their ability to perform on complex levels of societal needs.The department involves students in the co-curricular activities of seminars, webinars, conferences, congress and convention to avail them an opportunity not only to interact but also to upkeep with latest ongoing developments in the discipline.

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Ar. Ruma Singh
Associate Professor