Er. Bhikhubhai B. Patel
Chairman - CVM

Chairman's Message

Design thinking brings together the finest sensibilities of the arts with the logic of science in an innovative framework. Design creates a bridge between human development, technology and industry of a country. The design of objects, services and systems requires the synthesis and knowledge of a variety of disciplines. Thus, SMAID is conceived to be one of the most outstanding multi-disciplinary institutions in the field of design education and research. It is on the path of being a beacon of sustainable design, education, training arts & crafts, innovation and research. Learning a craft would bring students closer to materials and material culture, promote a design attitude and cultivate a methodology that would help them in realizing larger pattern and connections within the fabric of Indian society.

SMAID is conceived to emerge as a leader in providing excellence in the area of design education and creating design awareness by building on the traditions of innovations, appropriate and meaningful use of recourses and in interdisciplinary partnerships to meet the changing needs of society. This vision has a unique propensity towards a social goal of developing, encouraging rural design and products for the large population of India. These extolling objectives of SMAID are in its process of accomplishment by providing all facilities such that the institute functions as a large design hub. SMAID is envisioned to offer professional design consultancy and advisory services to industries, other institutions/ organizations and individuals.

At Charutar Vidya Mandal, it is an opportunity to impart quality education in every discipline which has been an inherited legacy from the great founder architects of Vidyanagar so to speak - Shree Bhaikaka, Shree Bhikhabhai, Shree H.M.Patel and others. As the Chairman of Charutar Vidya Mandal, it is my unappeasable desire to carry this legacy to its shikhara-where education and curriculum are constantly updated, modified, enhanced and enriched to make them more meaningful, relevant in every context.