Apart from academic events lot of other activities and programs were conducted which gave students and faculty opportunities to increase their exposure and enhance their skills. Some activities like, Orientation, Tree-plantation, Fresher's Welcome, Independence day celebration were organized in this Academic year. All the students have shown lot of enthusiasm and involvement by 100% participation.


DATE: 17th to 19th January, 2023

   International Women’s Day 2023

DATE: 15th March 2023
Faculty coordinator – Prof. Zalak Shah
SMAID & MBIT both institutes celebrated International Women’s Day on 15th March 2023. The event includes poster competitions, rangoli making, quiz competition etc. Mrs. Kalpana Amin (founder of Flow Art) and Mrs. Aasha Dalal (pres. Jagrut mahila sangthan) was invited as a chief guest for the event. All the students of SMAID & MBIT participated with great enthusiasm.

   Shikshant 2022

DATE: 15th October 2022
Every year, we at SMAID proudly organize a Valedictory Function called SHIKSHANT, an event comprising of memories, messages, presentation by the host class students, Award of degree to the graduates, Honor to the Topper, Pledge by Graduating students to formally bid farewell to them.
15th October 2022, Saturday, SHIKSHANT 2022 was scheduled for Architecture & Interior Design students. Students were overwhelmed to hear the kind words and received blessings from our Guest, Shree Rabindra Vasavada.
The event starts with registration and prayer, a presentation on college memories, certificate distribution and pledge were the major fraction of the event.

   Tree Plantation 2022

Date : 15th October 2022

   Shubhradantaya 2022

Date : 31st August to 2nd September 2022

   Janmashthmi 2022

Date : 19th August 2022

   Valedictory Function (Shikshant - 5) 2022

Every year, we at SMAID proudly organize a Valedictory Function called SHIKSHANT, an event comprising of memories, messages, presentation by the host class students, Award of degree to the graduates, Honor to the Topper, Pledge by students Graduating to formally bid farewell of them.
13th March 2022, Sunday, SHIKSHANT – 5 was scheduled for Architecture & Interior Design students. Students were overwhelmed to hear the kind words and received blessing from our Guest, Prof. Chetan Vaidya.
The event starts with the registration and prayer, a presentation on college memories, certificate distribution and pledge were the major fraction of the event.

   AAROHAN - 9 Date: 14th to 17th March 2022

Annual Day

Annual Day

Annual Day

Expert Talk

Opening of Exhibition



Food Feast

Musical Night

   CVM Cricket Tournament 2022

"CVM has organized the Staff inter college cricket tournament 2022, The SMAID college staff has taken part in this tournament and played on 23rd February 2022 at shastri maidan vallabh vidyanagar. During this match, all the staff and students enjoyed the match with the principal." 1st runner up BBIT College & final match won by B.V.M College.


Tournament winning team

   VASANTOTSAV 2022 (Transpire Design Thinking)

SMAID & Fine Arts College together celebrated VASANTOTSAV 2022 ON ” 14TH February 2022 Monday” through exhibition of student’s work which they did in the campus for 6 days consecutively collaboratively.
Exhibition includes 4 different electives - Fundamental Of Designs, Transformation Of Design, Portfolio Making, Bird House Design. Each group has done the work as a journey from beginning to final outcome which represent their creativity, skills & visualization. Student has taken part in elective very enthusiastically.
This exhibition was inaugurated by Hon. Jt secretary Shri Mehul Patel, Prof Jyoti Gill, Prof. Kanu Patel and Prof. Ajit Patel Sir.
This exhibition witnessed an inflow of college faculties, parents, citizens, university staff etc. SMAID students availed this instance as an opportunity to interact and explain their design intensions to inquisitive visitors, there by gradually raising their confidence level.

   CVM Sports Day - 10th Dec.2021 at Shastri Maidan

The CVM University has organized different Games & Sports intercollegiate tournaments for all CVM Colleges students. SMAID College students have taken part in the basketball game on 10th Dec.2021 at Shastri Maidan, Vallabh Vidyanagar.

  Navratri 2021
  Ganapati - 10th to 14th September 2021
  Orientation Day for Regular Admission
  Teachers Day- 4th September 2021
  Janmashthami - 30th August 2021
   Orientation Day (Lateral Admission) 23rd August 2021

Monday, we organized an Orientation cum Interactive session for the 2nd Year BID students with their parents/ Guardians, to welcome new family members at Faculty of Architecture & Planning, Shantaben Manubhai Patel School of Studies and Research in Architecture and Interior Design, CVM University. The program was enlightened by our Principal Madam and newcomers were warmly welcomed by Faculty members and all. This orientation program included a presentation of SMAID curriculum and co-curriculum activities, brief introduction of subjects with credit system and rule & regulations. The session ended with the introduction of new students with classmates and faculty members.

  International Yoga Day - 21st June 2021

CVMU constituted college SMAID celebrated 21st June 2021 as “International Yoga Day" on account of this day, teaching and non-teaching staff together Exercised basic steps of yoga in the college campus under the leadership of Principal .

   Tree Plantation Day - 5th June 2021

CVMU constituted college SMAID celebrated 5th June 2021 as "world Environmental day" on account of this day, teaching and non-teaching staff together planted trees in the college campus under the leadership of Principal .

   Annual Day - AAROHAN 2021

ANNUAL DAY- AAROHAN 8 | Date: 6th March 2021

“Aarohan” the Annual fest of the institute was organised on 6th March’ 2021. Amidst the corona pandemic, the way our institute bounced back to the new normal was the idea behind organizing the event. The theme was named “वीरिरतीरन” meaning resilience, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

Aarohan 2021 was inaugurated by chairman of CVM University Er. Bhikhubhai B. Patel, Vice- president Shri Manishbhai S. Patel, Hon. Secretary Dr. Shantibhai G. Patel and Hon. Jn Secretary Shri Mehulbhai D. Patel.

Keeping that thought in mind and following our annual ritual a one day event was scheduled including:
1. Viritiran – Aakruti: An exhibition that was scheduled to showcase the work of students.
2. Expert Talk – A guest expert talk was presented by Narayancharandas Swamiji on “vastushashtra”.
3. On the spot Games- Tug of War, Bounce the Ball, Stick the landing, back guess and Make the pyramid.

The immense energy, positivity and enthusiasm of students made the event successful.

Hospitality & welcoming guests

Opening the ceremony


Expert talk & inauguration


   Tree Plantation Day - 31st July 2020

At times like these, when social distancing is of utmost importance for all, the students and faculties of SMAID come together and Celebrate “TREE PLANTATION DAY” in their respective students doing at homes. Also the faculties Celebrate at SMAID institutes with maintaining social distancing.

  International Yoga Day - 20th June 2020   "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self."

At times like these, when social distancing is of utmost importance, the students and faculties of SMAID came together and performed yoga in their respective homes under the guidance of ElakshiChauhan. Also the faculties performed at SMAID institutes with maintaining social distancing.

   International Drug De-addiction day" Date: 26 June, 2020

Millions of Indians are dependent on alcohol, cannabis, and opiates, and drug misuse is a pervasive phenomenon in Indian society. On the occasion of International Drug De-addiction day, our students came together and did their bit for the society to spread awareness about drug abuse.

   International Women's Day Date: 7th March, 2020

  International Yoga Day - 21st June 2019 “Yoga for Harmony and Peace”

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, we initiated a one week yoga practice session of about for 36mins for faculty, staff & student. We followed the common Yoga Protocol video, a film by Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga Ministry of AYUSH. Yoga session was conducted for seven days, from 14th June to 21st June, 2019 at our Campus. We had a Faculty Team for instruction and understanding the importance of Yoga. Students participated enthusiastically throughout the session.

  International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking: 26th June 2019

International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking: 26th June 2019
Faculty Co ordinator – Ar. Apexa Savaliya & Ar. Purvi Oza

Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat has initiated Awareness Drive against prevalent use of Addictive Elements and its Illegal supplies. Under the awareness Drive, young students are invited to contribute through their Knowledge and wisdom.

  Sports Day - Brainistan 27th July 2019

  Tree Plantation Day - 3rd August 2019

  VAKRATUND - Date: 2nd TO 6th September 2019

  TEACHERS DAY - 5th September

   Navaratri 2019 - 1st October 2019

   Valedictory Function (Shikshant - 4) 11th October 2019

Every year, we at SMAID proudly organize a Valedictory Function called SHIKSHANT, an event comprising of memories, messages, presentation by the host class students, Award of degree to the graduates, Honor to the Topper, Pledge by students Graduating to formally bid farewell of them.

On 11th October 2019, Friday SHIKSHANT – 4 was scheduled for Architecture & Interior Design students. Students were overwhelmed to hear the kind words and received blessing from our Guest, Dr. Bhaveshbhai Patel, Chancellor CVM University.

The event starts with the registration and prayer, a presentation on college memories, certificate distribution and pledge were the major fraction of the event.

   Blood Donation Camp 11th October 2019

  HOLI - 2019

  Annual Day - AAROHAN - 7 ( Date: 22nd February to 1st March 2019)

Aarohan’ 2019
“Aarohan” the Annual fest of the institute was organised from 27th feb. To 1st march 2019. The three days event had the theme “Parivarta” meaning Me Change represents transitions achieved through intense education in relation to the changes taking place globally, nationally and locally. The schedule from 22nd – 1st March 2019, enveloped a combination of different activities like the workshops (Abhikruti), exhibitions (Akruti), seminars, various sports events, Musical evenings, cultural events, fashion show and the Ending with Awards ceremony on 1st March 2019. Felicitation of scholar & their achievements by students in previous academic year.

Apart from academics lot of extracurricular activities and programs have been conducted during academic year 2018-19. Such events offer students an opportunity to increase their exposure and enhance their skills. Following are the details of activities organized in this Academic Year. 100% participation of the students is indicative of their enthusiasm and involvement in these events.

On the occasion of the seventh Annual Day, SMAID invited Prof. Sudhir Thakur for Expert talk……... Dr.S.G Patel Hon. Secretary and Shri Mehul Patel sir, Jt. Secretary of CVM, Chairman Sir Inaugurated the event.

“AAKRUTI” Annual Exhibition at SMAID was inaugurated by Shri Bhikhubhai Patel Chairman CVM. Dr. S.G. Patel and Shri Mehul Patel . Sec & Jt. Sec of CVM respectively were first visitor of the exhibition. The work of students was highly appreciated by all.

Software Application by Ar. Roshni, Metal sculpture making by Krishna sir (Artist) (22nd & 23rd February 2019)

Rendering Workshop by Prof. Ajit Patel, Paper craft Workshop by ID. Vishal Madhu (22nd & 23rd February 2019)

Sports Day ( 25th & 26th February 2019 )

Expert talk by Professor Sudhir Thakur (Architect,planner) on Development strategic planning of Shrinagar. (27th February 2019)

Exhibition Inauguration (28th February 2019)

Musical Night (28th February 2019)

Food Feast (28th February 2019)

Award Ceremony (1st March 2019)

Cultural Night (1st March 2019)

  AKRUTI Exhibition 7th - 8th February 2019

On occasion of foundation day of Museum Sardar Patel University, SMAID installed an exhibition of students work. The work on disply included 1st semester to last sem in architecture & Interior Design studios. This exhibition called AAKRUTI was inaugurated by Dr. Shirish Kulkarni (V C SPU) and Dr. S.G Patel Hon. Sec. CVM.

This exhibition witnessed an inflow of school children, school teachers, citizens, university staff etc. SMAID students availed this instance as an opportunity to interact and explain their design intensions to inquisitive visitors, there by gradually raising their confidence level.


  Navaratri - 2018


  Blood donation camp - 28th September 2018

  Shikshant 3 - 28th September 2018


  Ganpati - 13th - 17th September 2018


  Orientation Day - 14th September 2018

  Tree Plantation - 5th September 2018

  Teacher's Day - 5th September 2018

   Matki Fod - 31st August 2018

  Independence Day - 15th August 2018

   Sports Day - 28th July 2018

  International Yoga Day  (19th, 20th & 21st June, 2018)

We had Yoga sessions for three days, scheduled on 19th, 20th & 21st June 2018 at our SMAID Campus. We had an Expert Dr. Nishit Surti & Team from ‘Art of Living’ for instructions for understanding the significance in creative learning , since ours is a Design Institution.

As we are into Design Field , through these three days exploration with Yoga ,it has helped all of us as a teachers and students to improve our concentration, passion and Physical and mental benefits, improved our health to do a lots of hand Work, which demands synchronization of Organs.

  International Yoga Day  (21st June 2017)

  Janmashtami - Matki fod  (11th August, 2017)

  Tree plantation Day  (18th August, 2017)

  Gajanan-2017  (25th - 29th August, 2017)

   Orientation Program (Architecture & Interior Design) (8th September, 2017)

  Shikshant - 2  (14th September, 2017)

  Expert Talk - Cyber Crime & Dead diction  (18th September, 2017)

One of the biggest problems in present days the people facing are addiction towards drugs and crimes which are happening from computers. To make Students aware of these currents Issues an expert Talk on “Cyber Crime” and “Drug Addiction” was arranged on 18th September 2017 at 10:0a.m by LRC SMAID in collaboration with Satya Organization. The Program started with motivational speech by Mrs.Zabeen Sorangawala .Mr.Manish Gokani,Member of Surksha Kavach given inspirable talk on “Cyber Crime” and Dr.Lakhan Katariya, Psychiatrist on “Deaddiction”.Students along with Faculties participated in this Program.

  Blood Donation Camp  (21st September, 2017)

  Navaratri 2017  (25ht - 26th September 2017 September, 2017)

  Annual day "AAROHAN 6" ( 17th to 25th January 2018 )

The SMAID college Annual festival AAROHAN 2018 scheduled from 17th - 25th JAN 2018, saw a combination of different activities like the workshops, exhibitions, seminars, cultural event, ending with the Annual Day on the 25th JAN2018.
On the occasion of the sixth Annual Day, SMAID witnessed Shri Manhar Kapadia sir as the Chief Guest for the function. SMAID family also received. Dr.S.G Patel Hon. Secretary and Shri M. J Patel sir, Jt. Secretary of CVM, Chairman and other eminent dignitaries as guests. The Annual Day is a special day for students since academic awards & certificates are distributed for academic achievements. The formal function also saw release of the SMAID Annual publication ‘THE EDGE 2018’ on the theme “shelter for all”. The speech given by both guests were very inspiring and so was the prudential address events.

Ceramic & Terracotta workshop (Date: 17th - 18th January 2018)

Origami & colour on canvas workshop (Date: 17th -18th January 2018)

Annual sports day (Date: 19th - 20th January 2018)

Food feast (Date: 22th January 2018)

Exhibition inauguration (Date: 23th January 2018)

Expert Talk by Dilip Jain (Date: 23th January 2018)

Expert Talk by Ar. Rahul Dalvi (Date: 23th January 2018)

Expert Talk by Ar. Chetan Vaidya (Date: 24th January 2018)

Expert Talk by Ar. Anirudha Dehade (Date: 23th January 2018)

Certificate distribution to workshop conductors (Date: 24th January 2018)

Exhibition walk through by guests (Date: 25th January 2018)

Annual formal function (Date: 25th January 2018)

Award distribution (Date: 25th January 2018)


Sr. no


Name of the winner


House of the year



Student of the year

3rd yr B.Arch.

Rifaquat Khwaja


Highest attendance

2nd yr B.Arch

Megha shah

Highest scoring in Architecture


1st year Architecture


Rajvi Siddhesh Patel


2nd year Architecture


Ankit Mukesh bhai Suthar


3rd year Architecture


Nayan Balu bhai Thummar


4th year Architecture


Ruchi Rishiraj Kapoor


5th year Architecture

 Ranker & University Topper

Jigar Patel

Highest scoring in Interior Design


1st year Interior Design


Lipi Dixit kumar Shah


2nd year Interior Design


Niketa Manish bhai Panchal


3rd year Interior Design


Darshita Sunil bhai Mali


4th year Interior Design


Vaibhavi Patel

Cultural Event (Date: 25th January 2018)

  SPIC MACAY BY Sabir Khan (22nd February 2018)

On 22nd February 2018, Thursday at 1:30pm, we had SPIC MACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth) event “VIRASAT 2018” at our Campus. The featuring Artist were Mr. Sabir Sultan Khan, an Indian Sarangi Player and son of Legendary Sarangi player and Vocalist Padma Bhushan Ustad Sultan Khan and Mr. Heiko Dijker, an Amsterdam based table player/composer/producer. Ustab Sabir Khan has been honored by Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuwa Puraskar & Sangeet Natak Academy Yuwa Puraskar. It was a convincing inspired performance and a great learning towards Indian Classical Music.

  Holi (1st March 2018)

  Women's Day (9th March 2018)

Visit to art of living ashram 30th Aug 2016

Holi 23rd March 2016

Sports day

Teacher’s day 5th Sep 2016

Blood donation camp 21st Sep 2016

Shikshant 27th Sep 2016

Fresher's Welcome 27th Sep 2016

Tree Plantation 1st Oct 2016

Navaratri 7th Oct 2016

Teacher’s Training Program 5th-9th Dec 2016

Aarohan 11-12 Jan 2017

Decoration for celebration of Annual Day AAROHAN

Day-1: 11th January 2017/ Inauguration of Exhibition

Day-2: 12th January 2017/ Welcome of Chief Guests

Launch of Annual Publication-THE EDGE-2017 (Theme- Green Development)

Award Distribution to Students for their academic achievements

Cultural Programs

Cultural Programs

Fashion Show

International Women's Day


SMAID has formed a Student’s council that is headed by Ar. SeemantiniSoraganvi with around 20 students taking care of various positions. Council is responsible to organise events and make arrangements for various activities that take place in the institute. Every year the position of council head is in rotation of faculties and members are elected in a general Body Meeting of Students and faculties. Apart from academics lot of extracurricular activities and programs have been conducted during academic year 2015-16. These events offered students an opportunity to increase their exposure and enhance their skills. Following are the details of activities organized in this Academic Year. 100% participation of the students has shown their enthusiasm and involvement in these events.


Design Week- A tribute to Ar. Charles Correa | 15th-19th June 2015

“Design Week’’,a co-curricular competition between the four houses Jal, Vayu, Agni and Prathvi was organised to give tribute to Ar. Charles Correa, in the very first week of theacademic year2015-16.


International Yoga Day | 25th June 2015

International Yoga Daywas celebrated on 25th June 2015. Overwhelming participation of faculties and students made the event memorable. The resonance of meditation with all the various mudras and forms of exercise rejuvenated the young minds and brought a feeling of relaxation, peace and satisfaction to lead the path of success.


“T-shirt designing Competition’’ | 25th July 2015

On 25th July 2015 student council of college organized an inter-housecompetition of designing the T-shirts for NASA.


Orientation of 1st Year B.Arch. and B.ID. | 18th & 22nd August’ 15

Faculty Coordinator: Ar. Ruma Singh, ID Namrata Shah
To welcome the new members in SMAID Family and to be an adjunct with the college environment & nearby places, orientation program for two days was conducted. Day one i.e. 18th August’15, an educational tour, to various places in Anand, Vidya Nagar and Karamsad was organised. The visit acquainted students with the town and various important landmark institutes specially Amul Dairy established in so many years. At Sardar Patel Memorial, they saw a small film on Sardar Patel, his journey of freedom struggle and efforts made to create Vidya Nagar as educational Hub. Day two i.e. 22nd Aug 2015, orientation for parents with students was conducted in the campus on behalf of CVM management. The program was enlightened by Principal Prof.Preety Shah and faculties with warm welcome of new comers. Brief history of the institute and the CVM Educational Trust was opened up through a presentation. Students and parents were explained thesystem of education along with rules and regulations at SMAID i.e. brief introduction of the subjects, credit system and code of conduct that students are expected to follow. The purpose of this meeting was to inform the parents about the academic system followed by the Sardar Patel University, and the demand and commitment of the Design Profession,to benefit the students in collaboration of the parents and faculties. The programme ended with a vote of thanks and high tea addressing the doubts n queries raised by parents.


Independence Day | 14th August, 2015

Independence Day was celebrated jointly by all the institutes on ADIT Campus on 14th August 2015. Principals, Faculties, and students enthusiastically participated in the event. Students performed patriotic dances with great enthusiasm. The moment was very zealous and lively with distribution of sweets at the end.


Post card making competition | 24th August 2015

On 24th August 2015, post card making competition was organized for the 1st year students of Interior Design and Architecture. The theme for post card making competition was based on their educational tour to Amul Diary and Sardar Patel Memorial and various other places.


Teacher’s Day | 4th September 2015

Teacher’s Day was organized on 4th September 2015 by students. Students expressed their gratitude towards their beloved teachers by gifting a plant, an initiative towards sustainable environment awareness and to thank Mother Nature.Mesmerising performances by the students made this event a success. Hon.Dir. Prof. Pradeep Patel and Principal Prof. Preety Shah addressed the audience and showered their blessings on them.


Tree Plantation | 4th September 2015

Tree plantation was carried out on Teacher’s Day by the teaching and non-teaching staff as a symbol of nurturing the future citizens. All the faculties were gifted a plant by the students to plant them in the backyard of the institute. Hon. Dir. Prof. Pradeep Patel, PrincipalProf. Preety Shah, Artist Ajit Patel and all the faculties and not teaching staff participated in the event.


Fresher's Welcome | 4th September 2015

The funfilled Fresher’s Welcome was celebrated on 4th September 2015 for welcoming the 1st year students. It was organized by 2nd,3rd and 4th year students. The event was named as HALLOWEEN NIGHT, giving an opportunity to the fresh students of 1st year to interact with their seniors. Mr. and Miss Fresher’s 2015 competition took place among 1st year students and at the end Mr and Miss Fresher were declared. The entire batch of 1st year was a part of the event and showcased their talent. The event took a halt with dinner.


Blood Donation Camp | 21st September 2015

Team SMAID is supporting the auspicious mission of Indian Red Cross Society of blood donation and Thalassemia Testing since two years. Entire staff and students actively participated in this campaign by donating blood. The Team of expert doctors from Indian Red Cross Society carried out the blood collection process and Thalassemia test for SMAID family. A total of 43 units were collected during the camp this year. The activity is a conscious effort to promote awareness about blood donation to help the needy and attain benefits for a healthy life.


Youth Festival | 24th-26th September 2015

Youth festival is an inter-college cultural competition, a platform for students to showcase their skills by participating in various competitions. Almost 20 competitions were organized in festival held from 24th to 26th September 2015.Students of SMAID participated in 15 events in different categoriesand won two prizes in Classical dance.


Navratri | 13th Oct 2015

The auspicious occasion of Navratri was celebrated on 13th October 2015 in SMAID. Hon. Dir. Prof.Pradeep Patel gracedthe occasion asChief Guest.The students and staff members performed garba in the campus with great enthusiasm andenjoyed traditional dance on the tunes of garba, which made this event unforgettable for students and staff. The auspicious occasion ended with seeking blessings from MaaAmbe by worshipping and prayers.


Sports Day | 2nd Jan 2016

Sports were conducted before the Annual Day on 2nd January 2016 Saturday. Gully cricket volleyball and table tennis were played with great enthusiasm and sportsman spirit. It became more exciting when first year students won the matches of cricket and volleyball from their seniors.


Musical night & Informaland Stand-up Comedy | 8th Jan 2015

Student council organized Musical night,Informaland Stand-up Comedy for students with the theme Black and Blue. Students enjoyed the evening with their college band and performers.


NIASA-2015 | Date: 5th– 7th August 2015

SMAID hosted the Zonal Thesis Award Competition NIASA under the Aegis of COA, in whichNational award for Excellence in Architecture Thesis, is presented to the best thesis at zonal level. Total 53 entries were received from 45 school of Architecture from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa in Zone II NIASA. Jurors reviewed the entries and selected 10 best entries. From the selected entries 2 best entries were awarded the Zonal Excellence award which further participated at national level.
Three day event began on 5th Aug 2015 with lightening of lamp and inauguration of exhibition of Thesis work by Hon. Chairman Dr. C. L. Patel, Director Prof. Pradeep Patel. Event witnessedvisitors from other colleges of Architecture from Anand, Vidya Nagar, Vadodararegion along with CVM management.
Day Two i.e. 6th Aug 2015 began with reviewing of exhibition to selectten best thesis among the participated 45 entries. The day concluded with performances of cultural prepared by students of Host College. The Jury Members flew in from Bangalore for this important task.
Day Three 7th Aug 2015 started with presentation from the shortlisted 10 entries, in the presence of Ar. UdayGadkari, President, Council of Architecture; Ar. Jayshree Deshpande, Director NIASA; Prof. Pradeep Patel Dir., SMAID; Prof. Preety Shah, Principal, SMAID faculties and students. Grand finale concluded with presentation ceremony, where the certificates of participation were distributed to the shortlisted 10 entries and2finalist for the next stage were declared. It’s a matter of pride that the selected finalist from zone II won the national level award among theselected finalists from five zones in Delhi.


ANNUAL DAY- AAROHAN | Date:11th & 12th January 2016

SMAID celebrated its Annual festival AAROHAN 2016 on 11th and 12th January 2016. The fest showcased a rainbow of activities for two days including workshops, exhibitions, Guest lectures, Musical Night, and concluded with distributionof Academic awards to students, launch of Annual Magazine THE EDGE-2016” with theme on Heritage followed by cultural performances by students.

Day-1 Expert Talks | Date: 11th January 2016

Day one began with the expert talks delivered by renowned Landscape Architect KarmaveerGhatge and Engineer DipenGada. Respective guests shared their experience and interacted with students.
Dipen Gada
A presentation cum interactive session on Professional Projects, was conducted by DipenGada, from Vadodara, for students of Architecture and Interior Design. The focus of this Expert Talk was to enlighten the students on the aspects of “Light and Shadow”its importance in built environment and how to achieve that in design. He also discussed the importance of interaction with client to know their profile, choice to transform that into design with the help of professional techniques and methodology to develop a Project. It was an interactive session with queries/questions. The objective of the event was to get exposure & learning experience which otherwise cannot be achieved by class room lectures and reading books.

Ar. Karmaveer Ghatge
Ar. Karmaveer shared the practical aspects of dealing with landscape designs and its execution with the help of his completed project in various locations. Starting from inception to selection of plants pavement design, incorporation of water bodies’, boundary wall treatment etc. provided a palate of information to students to learn from.

Day-2 Exhibition inauguration, Formal Function & culturals | Date: 12thJanuary 2016

Beginning of day two had Senior Ar. Yashwant Mistry who shared his experience and guided students to learn and excel in their field. Ar. Yashwant Mistry was also the chief Guest for the evening function along with Guest of honour Archaeologist JitendraNath. SMAID family was proud to receive Dr. C.L. Patel, Chairman CVM, Shri S.M. Patel, Hon. Secretary, Shri V. M. PatelHon. Secretary, from CVM, our supporter’s family members and other eminent dignitaries as guests.

Exhibition“AAKRUTI” | Date: 11th - 12th January 2016
Faculty Coordinator: Ar. Ruma Singh       Student team: Bijal, Pavan, Jigar, & Vishal

‘AAKRUTI’, is the exhibition where Students’ Works is displayed annually during the college festival 'AAROHAN’. This year the exhibition was inaugurated by Chief guest Ar. Yashwant Mistry and was open for 2 days constituting works ofDesign Studios, Basic Design, RSP, History of Architecture, Technical Representation Drawings and Building Construction etc. Along with Guest of Honour Archaeologist JitendraNath, CVM Chairman Dr. C. L. Patel graced the occasion by visiting exhibition. Later on during the day many other dignitaries including Kamal Patel Chairman IIID Charotar Region, and parents enjoyed the displayed work.

Expert Talk by Ar. Yashwant Mistry

Keeping the theme “VARSO” of the annual Function AAROHAN, Yashwant Mistry delivered his lecture on Heritage. He explained in length the importance of heritage, for present and future generation. Ar. Mistry kept glued everyone to their seats till the end of the session.

Launch of Annual Publication “THE EDGE”

SMAID publishes its in-house annual magazine“THE EDGE”since 2014. This year’s theme being “Heritage”, magazine received an overwhelming response from students and faculties in writing articles. The magazine was launched successfully during annual day function.Heritage being the connection of past with present and for future generations, Magazine has covered various important aspects like significance of heritage, world over efforts to conserve the heritage sites, Selection criteria for declaration of heritage properties by various authorities and govt. bodies along with featuring UNESCO identified Sites in India. Various articles cover a range of concerns in relation to importance of heritage and its survival in long run.

Student’s Achievements | NASA

National Association of Students of Architecture is an event that provides a common platform for studentsto participate from Architecture colleges across nation.
The event consists of various design competitions, on the spot competition, cultural events, workshops and seminars, interaction with Senior and renowned architects of the country, exhibition where participating student from all the colleges showcase their work.Each college is represented by a UNIT SECRETARY and UNIT DESIGNEE.
This year students of SMAID represented the college at Zonal NASA Convention at Indore, and participated for 2 trophies. SMAID won 3rd rank in the Ruben’s Trophy, 1st rank in Sport’s Trophy and 3 more prizes in On the Spot events. SMAID was also shortlisted among 40 colleges in the Panel discussion trophy. SMAID received recognition of being in top 60 colleges among 400 total Architecture colleges across Nation in Annual National Design Competition (ANDC).
SMAID has participated i Annual Convention 2016, in LANDSCAPE, RUEBEN’strophy, HUDCO, Writing Architecture, and GRIHA Trophies.

Category Class Student
Highest Marks in B.Arch. IST Year Semester I & II NayanThummar(B.ARCH.)
IINDYear Semester III and IV Pavankumar Patel(B.ARCH.)
IIIRDYear Semester Vand VI Hiren Patel(B.ARCH.)
Highest Marks in B.I.D. 2014 -15 IST Year Semester I and II Chandani Harpal(B. ID.)
IINDYear Semester III and IV Yami Patel(B. ID.)
IIIRDYear Semester Vand VI Krupal Rajgor(B. ID.)
Highest Attendance IIIRDYear Semester Vand VI Siddharth Ambaliya(B. ID.)
“Student of The Year” IINDYear Semester III and IV
IIIRDYear Semester Vand VI
Pavankumar Patel (B.ARCH.)
Krupal Rajgor (B. ID.)

Faculty’s Achievements

An International Conference on Women in Science and Technology had been arrangedat BVM Engineering College in Collaboration with Gujarat Technological University from 28th-30th January 2016. Four faculties Prof. Preety Shah. Ar. Devyani Deshpande, Ar. Seemantini Soraganvi and Ar. Shilpi Aggarwal presented paper in the conference. The paper written and presented by Ar. Shilpi Aggarwal and Ar. Seemantini Soraganvi has been awarded Trophy and prize money worth 3000/- along with certificate for Best paper under different themes. Ar. JemishLathiya presented papers in National level Conference on Sustainable Strategies for Waste management on Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste management in Emerging Mega Cities. Jemish also published papers twice in International Journal of Engineering Development and Research (WEDR) / ISSN: 2321-9939 on Sustainable Slum Development Converting the Slum as Housing Stock: A Case Study of Surat, Gujarat, India; and Traditional Architecture of Kutch Region of Gujarat.

Cultural Programmes & Dinner | Date: 12thJanuary 2016

Following the annual day function was the time for cultural performances. The cultural included dance performances, singing, drama, fashion show showcasing costume design and ramp walk relevant to the theme ‘VARSO’. Mesmerising classical dance followed by Retro style and fashion show showcasing the various era of Rajputana, Maratha, Mughal wardrobe amazed the audience with joy and pride. The annual day came to the end with delicious dinner served to the audience.

The Souvenir Shop “ANTARNA”

“Antarna” becomes really active duringfestival “AAROHAN” and is run by the Students guided by coordinating faculty Ar. Devyani Deshpande. It started in 2014, with an initiative to display talent of students in the form of various articles and products students make in their coursework through subjects of electives and workshops. The products displayed in the shop are on sale throughout the year with a nominal price as a token of appreciation and encouragement to the student’s effort. The money collected is transferred to the student’s activity fund.
The students this year have set up the store with Madhubani painted tea coastersand bookmarks, Terracotta plates, artefacts and Jewellery, Tie and Dye Tee shirts, Bandhani scarves and many more such articles.The articles are on display within college premises and we also plan to put up exhibitions in other institutional fares that will give exposure and encouragement to students.


International Women's Day | 15th March 2016


ANNUAL DAY | Date:30th January 2015
The SMAID college Annual festival AAROHAN 2015 scheduled from 27th-30th JAN 2015, saw a combination of different activities like the workshops, exhibitions, seminars, Musical night, ending with the Annual Day on the 30th JAN 2015.
On the occasion of the third Annual Day, SMAID witnessed Prof. Pradyumna Vyas, Director of NID, Ahmedabad, as the Chief Guest for the function. The guest of honor was past President IIID and practicing architect Ar.Bankim Dave from Surat. SMAID family was also proud to receive Dr.C.L.Patel, Chairman of CVM, Shri S.M.Patel sir, Hon.secretary CVM our donor family and other eminent dignitaries as guests. The Annual Day being a special day for students as well since all academic awards & certificates were distributed for academic achievements. The formal function also saw release of the SMAID publication magazine ‘THE EDGE’. The speech given by both guests were very inspiring and had objectives to look forward to the formal function closed by enlightening presidential remarks by Dr. C.L.Patel Sir.
Following the formal function was the evening of cultural. The cultural very importantly was apart not to be missed since performances inclusive of dance and drama related to the festival theme ‘SUSTAINABILITY-The ability to sustain’.

Formal Function | Date:30th January 2015

CULTURALS | Date:30th January 2015
This year's theme for AAROHAN was SUTAIN-ABILITY; i.e. how we are able to sustain.
Where the word ‘sustain’ means Natural and ‘Ability’ means due to which we can sustain.
Different aspects of sustain ability are "ECOLOGY & CULTURE".
The cultural event held this year was on the basis of this theme. The drama, dance and other performances were supportive in the sense of this theme.

Acadamic Awards | Date:30th January 2015

Prize Distribution:

1. Student of the Year: Hiren Patel,IIIrd Arch
2. Highest attendance: Siddharth Ambaliya,IInd ID
3. Ranker: i. Hiren Patel, IIIrd Arch
ii.Janaki Bhavsar,IIIrd Id
iii.Pavankumar Patel,IInd Arch
iv.Vaibhavi Patel,IInd ID
4.House of the Year: Vayu

Publication | Date:30th January 2015

Exhibition | Date:30th January 2015

Dinner | Date:30th January 2015

Decoration | Date:30th January 2015


EXHIBITION | Date: 29th - 30th January 2015
‘AAKRUTI’, the exhibition of students’ works is put up annually during the college festival 'AAROHAN'. This student exhibition is open to all for viewing. This year the student exhibition work was inaugurated by IIID Chairperson and practicing Architect KAMAL PATEL and HOD of production engineering department at BVM, Prof. AMIT TRIVEDI. The exhibition was open for 2 full days and constituted various works of various design studios, basic design, RSP, history, & technical subjects like representational drawings and construction.

Art of Living Ashram, Vasad

Art of Living Ashram, Vasad | 25th August, 2014

"Breaking the ice” in SMAID
“Breaking the ice” a socio-cultural and spiritual event held in Art of Living Ashram, Vasad. The family of SMAID attended the seminar on 25th August 2014, Monday with the guidance and organization of the programme by our Hon. Director Prof. Pradeep Patel. This event was rightly named as “Breaking the ice” which gave on opportunity to the newly entered students of 1st year Architecture & Interior Design to interact and mingle with senior students and faculty. There was a series of interactive session and wonderful talk by Mayur Bhai and Kalpna Ben which taught the importance of meditation, space management, and time management. The students experienced an internal peace and a drastic change in the way of thinking which was reflected by feedbacks by some students. Along with the meditation the students also enjoyed the rain dance organized on the spot by faculties. The lush green landscape and environment helped us to regenerate. We arrived back with refreshed minds.

Independence Day

Independence Day | 14th August, 2014

Independence Day was celebrated in SMAID
Independence Day was celebrated on 14th August 2014, Thursday at Shantaben Manubhai Patel School of Studies and Research in Architecture and Interior Design. The Principal, Faculty, and all the students were enthusiastic to participate in this event. The program was enlightened by Principal who made the diyas glow along with the pleasing speech. After that some students performed a role play which addressed the differences about the caste system along with a beautiful message to live together and be happy. Students performed patriotic dances with great enthusiasm and seeing that everyone got emotional. By the assistance of teacher’s the students carried out tree plantation in the college premises. There were various activities like carom, chess, T-shirt painting, face painting which were carried lively by the students. Every moment was very zealous and lively everyone praised the moment. At the end sweets were distributed. Everyone including the principal, faculty and students were very happy and joyful about all the events .And all those moments are unforgettable and we shall cherish for long.

Fresher's Welcome

Fresher's Welcome | 6TH SEPT 2014

Fresher's Welcome
The fun-filled Fresher's Welcome was celebrated on 6/09/2014 in S.M.A.I.D.It was held at S.M.A.I.D. campus for welcoming the 1st year students. It was organized by the 2nd & 3rd year students.
The event was rightly named as NEON future, which gave an opportunity to the newly entered students of 1st year Interior Design & Architecture to interact & mingle with senior students. The Fresher's Welcome theme was NEON. The decorations were done according to the theme. There was a competition held in which there were different activities organized. The entire batch of freshers’ participated in it & at the end of event MR. & MISS fresher’s 2014 were declared. The winners were- Rutvik Dholakiya and Palak Gadhiya. After the competition, dance round was organized & it was continued by face-off dance between the seniors and juniors. The event ended with dinner.

Navratri Celebration

Navratri Celebration | 26th-27th Sept 2014

Navratri Celebration in SMAID
The auspicious occasion of navratri was celebrated on 26/09 & 27/09/2014 (Friday & Saturday) in S.M.A.I.D. Mr. Pradeep Patel served as a chief guest at the occasion in which the students and staff members participated with great enthusiasm. On the first day they enjoyed traditional dance on the tunes of garba. On the second day S.M.A.I.D hosted a well-known folk singer Amrutlal Barot & a winner of Rashtra Pati Award, for his contribution - Ravna in many famous Bollywood movies & T.V serials(Ram leela, Sajan re jut matt bolo, Tarak Mehta, chidiyaghar). He was joined by his equally talented son Mahesh Barot, & tabla player Manga Bhai Barot all the way from Kutch (Mandvi). Their tunes combined with the garba of S.M.A.I.D students made the second day of garba extremely cheerful. This folk style navratri in S.M.A.I.D was a little affort to keep the traditional navratri of Gujarat alive in the age of electronic tunes, which made this event unforgettable for students and staff of S.M.A.I.D. This auspicious event ended with the worshiping Maa Ambee & a beautiful Aarti by S.M.A.I.D family. Thus this unforgettable event became a part of golden history of S.M.A.I.D.

DESIGN WORKSHOP:16th June – 21st June 2014

DESIGN WORKSHOP | 16th June – 21st June 2014

The students were given the following different topics for the design workshop as a design time problem:
1- Landscape & informal seating
2- Signages
3- Waste Disposal
4- Planning space for Sports activities
5- Reading Assignment
6- Kiosk Design
7- Rickshaw stand & ATM
It had to be completed over a period of 5days, leading to the display of these work, its judgement and announcement of winners on the 5th day.

The students were divided into mixed groups of a combination of 2nd and 3rd year Architecture & Interior Design. This gave them the exposure to new ideas. They had also made models which gave them hands- on experience in model making.
The students had freedom of designing & of presentation in their chosen media. The entire programme was guided by all faculty members resulting into very constructive interaction among faculty and students.
The Design Workshop culminated with bright ideas from students initiating a spirit of team work and competitiveness in them.

1- Signages:

Riya Kalpesh Patel
Yami Hareshkumar Patel
Kinjal Rajendrakumar Thanki
Vaibhaviben Rameshbhai Patel
Viral Vijaybhai Shah

2- Kiosk Design:
Nidhi Rajeshbhai Patel
Krupali Jayeshkumar Sutariya
Hiren Amrutbhai Patel
Pavankumar Dineshbhai Patel
Kushal Atulbhai Thakker
3- Landscape & informal seating:
Yash Himesh Shah
Nilanshu Vasant Kadu
Jeegar Deepakbhai Pala
Vandan Yagneshwar Patel
Siddharth Pravinbhai Ambaliya

Blood donation and Thalassaemia

Blood donation and Thalassaemia | 15th Nov Sept 2014

Team SMAID supporting the auspicious mission of Indian Red Cross Society of blood donation and Thalassemia Testing. 53 people (including staff and students) actively participated in this campaign by donating blood. The Team of Indian Red Cross Society with expert doctors, which helped us through the donation camp and Thalassemia test for SMAID family. Both these activities have made conscious effort to promote health benefits and to lead a healthy life.

Fresher's Welcome ‘Praveshotsav’

Fresher's Welcome ‘Praveshotsav’ | 5th Aug 2014

'Praveshotsav’ the College Welcome Festival- 2014 was celebrated on 5th August 2014 in our campus. This festival is initiated by Honorable Chief Minister, Ms. Anandiben Patel.
This programme was conducted in the presence of Mr. P. A. Wadher, a representative from higher Education Department, Govt. of Gujarat, Dr. Bhavesh Patel Local co-ordinator, Principal, HOD and students of SMAID & MBICT.
The programme started with a prayer ‘ Sarva Dharmam’ & Lighting of Lamp. A brief introduction and presentation of College was done giving a clear idea of the infrastructures, students work, workshops, curricular and co-curricular activities, site visit, expert lectures etc. to the students.
Later the students sang in a chorus, the specially articulated song ‘ Dharti ki shaan hai tu’ followed by a ‘Pledge’. With this fresher- new comers to the institute were welcomed and honoured with Kumkum tilak. The programme ended up with “Rashtra Gaan”.
Event Coordinator: Ar. Ruma Singh
Student Coordinator: Priyansh, Sakshi, Krupal, Zeel, Aayush and Hiren

Sports Day

Sports Day | 20th, 21st, 23rd Jan 2015

There were sports events conducted before the Annual Day as the part of its curriculum.
Four groups participated in the event:
Agni, Jal, Prithvi, Vaayu
Different games held were:
20th January 2015 – Table Tennis
21st January 2015 – Volleyball
23rd January 2015 – Cricket
The winners were declared on the respective days.
The winner for Table Tennis was PRITHVI.
The winner for Volleyball was VAAYU.
The winner for Cricket was AGNI.
Each Game contained 100 points.
House Leader: SATYA LOHIYA

Musical Informal

Musical Informal | 29th Jan 2015

International Women's Day

International Women's Day | 14th Feb 2015

Seminar on Women’s Health:
Under Ladies Representative Cell (LRC), SMAID in collaboration with MBICT a Seminar on ‘Women’s Health’ was organized at MBICT seminar Hall on 9th February 2015 at 10 a.m. More than 300 Students were present in this event. Dr.Jasmeen, Head of Gynaecology Department was Chief Guest for this event. She delivered talk on Women’s Health and necessary Precautions to be taken and she also discussed various health related issues the girls are facing now a days.
Seminar on woman empowerment:
MBICT, SMAID and IICP college together organized a Seminar on ‘Woman Empowerment’ by K.S Dave, PSI Vidya Nagar and Ashokkumar Yadav, Anand Town Police head on 28th January 2015 at MBICT seminar Hall. They delivered a talk on Women’s Safety and also given knowledge about necessary helpline numbers as well as mobile applications. Video film was screened by Anand Mahila Suraksha Setu. The program ended with the display of a variety of weapons made by police department.
Rally on Violence against Women’s Crime:
On 14th Feb 2015, Students from MBICT Engineering College, CWDC cell along with SMAID Architecture and IICP Pharmacy College organized a rally. The main purpose of this rally was to spread awareness in the society regarding the issues that women are facing. Students and Faculties wore black clothes to protest strongly against the misbehaviour towards women in the society. Message against physical as well as mental harassment/abuse and deaths of women were conveyed by the medium of dramas/ street plays/skits and dance. This rally started from Bhaikaka statue and moved from Mota Bazar and ended at Sardar Patel Statue.

Orientation Program : Date: 25-26 July 2013

Independence Day : 15 August 2013
Teacher’s Day : 05 September 2013
Fresher's Welcome : 24 AUGUST 2013
Navratri : 05 October 2013
Republic Day : 26 January 2014
Orientation Program : Interior Design : 17 June 2012, Architecture : 24 June 2012

Orientation program was arranged in the college for first year student as well as for parents. Our principal Prof. Bijoy Bordoloi conducted a presentation where he explained about the courses, scope and opportunity of both Interior Design & Architecture courses.


Independence day : 15 August 2012

Independence day started with Marathon and then with the flag hoisting. Students as well as faculties participated in this event. The staff and students witnessed flag hoisting & homage to leaders.


Fresher's Welcome : 03 September 2012

The entire program was organized by SMAID students of Architecture &Intrior Design. The entire planning co-ordination and execution was absolutely perfact. The students had lot of fun and delicious food with music and dance to mark the auspicious beginning of students’activities for the Academic Year 2012-13.


Teacher’s Day : 05 September 2012

It was organized by the students. Students with faculties celebrated this day. Teacher’s day provided a good opportunity to the students to express their gratitude towards their beloved teachers.

Navratri : 16 October 2012

Garba ( The trinity of song, dance & music) and Gujrat (at vibrant state of incredible India) the indivisible. The SMAID student council members organized Garba at SMAID college campus. The program started with lightning of Diyas by SMAID team. All staff members and students participated in the Garba very enthusiastically.