Our vision

Develop human resources as driver of global transformation with empowerment for fostering innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship spirit.

Our mission

To create sustainable eco-system driven by knowledge, ethics and global demand.
To provide creative platform with research for fostering technological innovation.
To ensure entrepreneur skills empowered professionals for nation building.

Quality Policy

To establish and maintain system and procedures for transparent and responsive culture of teaching and learning.
To enable quality improvement systems for student experience by monitoring, reviewing developing and enhancing standards of teaching, learning and assessment.
To Facilitate Curriculum enhancement system for responsive education to everchanging market driven demand to aspire experience of excellence and global competitiveness.
To focus on student performance tracking system to support progression and achievement to ensure individual needs and outcome- based education.
The Continuous teaching-learning assistance to faculty members through promoting and supporting reflective practice with developmental aspect with quality improvement plans to retain willingness to experiment with paradigm shift.
To deepen qualitative enhancement as driver of change to integrate shift in skill demand for inclusion of efficient technology and building up new competency.