Department of Architecture

At SMAID, the department of architecture looks after the program of B. Arch offered. Architecture is the visual shape of society. It is the matrix of human civilization that explores new ways of living, new technologies and materials, and strives to ensure that the built environment are self-sustainable and responding to the human needs, desires and aspirations. Architecture combines art, science and technology in the design and construction of buildings and their surroundings within a socio-cultural context. Architects engage themselves in all aspects and stages of the architectural process from design, planning to construction and management. The study of Architecture provides opportunities to develop a wide range of transferrable skills. Students develop skills in creativity, design and innovation - the essential ingredients; have rich experience of working in teams, meeting deadlines, developing abilities in verbal and graphic communication important to meet the challenges of today's competitive world and contemporary economy. This Program is recognised and conducted on the guidelines of the Council of Architecture (COA), New Delhi.

Career Opportunities Architecture offers exciting and wide variety of career opportunities and further specialization options. After graduation students can opt for

A. Specialization in areas such as construction technology, energy efficient building design, Land scape Design, Urban Design, architectural conservation or project management etc. following are the opportunities after Graduation:
B. Work with professional architects and gain experience
C. Work as consultants to private Developers and Builders
D. They can be recruited in the architectural wing of large commercial set-ups or in Government Department or Local Authority.

The department activities are oriented to shape-up the aspirant youth to being their career in the creative field. The institutional activities are always oriented towards adding value to inculcate the best-in-classarchitects for the society.

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Faculty members

(Principal/ Professor)

Prof. Preety Shah

Dr Bhasker V. Bhatt
Associate Professor  

Ar. Ruma Singh
Associate Professor  

Ar. Purvi Oza
Associate Professor  

Ar. Abhinav Srivastav
Assistant Professor

Id. Zalak Shah
Assistant Professor  

Ar. Prashant Rami
Assistant Professor  

Ar. Ravi Patel
Assistant Professor  

Ar. Monika Patel
Assistant Professor    

Ar. Apexa N. Savaliya
Assistant Professor