International Office

1. Establish International Office (IO) for capturing, communicating, promoting all international activities & opportunities, including funding sources.
2. Identify the countries of focus and the institutional priorities for global efforts that Support research, academic, and engagement priorities that align with SMAID’s Strategies.
3. Establish clearly defined agreements for activities such as:
  o Students and faculty exchange program.
  o Collaborative curriculum and degree programs.
  o Scholarships and fee waiver options with partner institutions.
  o Co-teaching of classes and conducting joint research in mutual areas of interest and Strength of the institute.
  o International internships and work programs that provide unique experiential learning Opportunities for Both ways (incoming as well outgoing students).
4. Expand and strengthen the relationship with Global International universities, NGOs & Other Governmental bodies.
5. Collectively working towards promoting higher education beyond boundaries.

1. To establish academic agreements with international reputable universities/institutions to get affiliations/accreditation for the college and / in various programs and act towards the implementations of the MoU signed.
2. To establish relationships with various academic / professional societies and to establish units.
3. To venture as a consultant for an international institution or to form partnerships for consultancy works with various international firms.
4. To help coordinate Graduate, Post graduate or Ph. D. programs for CVM University faculties and for CVM University students.
5. To facilitate international job placements, training, workshops, seminars etc.
6. To acquire the services of foreign academic experts for enhancing the quality of education in CVM University.
7. To seek research / teaching/ project grants or financial assistance from international institutions.
8. Support in Networking with International Higher Education Institutions to collaborate in Research and Teaching.