Why Architecture ?

It is an art and science of building design. An architect is professional who designs buildings, landscaped places and cities. Architects are registered by CoA, New Delhi and given a license to practice.

Specialization Post graduate Programs in
Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Design, Construction Technology, Energy efficient building design, Building Engineering and Management, Architectural Conservation, Project Management, Housing, Interior Design, Planning, etc.

Career opportunities Post graduate Programs in
1. To work with professional architects and gain experience
2. To work as consultants to private Developers and Builders
3. They can be in the architectural wing of large commercial set-ups or
4. Jobs in Government Department or Local Authority.

Why Interior Design ?

It is an Art of Designing Interior spaces including design of furniture, lighting, ambiance and focuses on creating an enriching experience of life.
Type of work is diverse and includes residential, retail and leisure design, offices, showrooms institutional and exhibitions.

Specialization Post graduate Programs in
1. Interior Architectural Design
2. Furniture design
3. Ceramic & Glass Design
4. Design for Retail Experience
5. Graphic Design
6. Lifestyle Accessory Design
7. Photography Design
8. Product Design
9. Strategic Design Management
10. Universal Design

Career Opportunities
1. Placement at Architect and Interior Designer Consulting Firms or
2. Developer builders in real estate
3. Set up their own entrepreneurial practice
4. Tender based Govt. projects such as interior renovation sports complex, interior design of Renovation and Refurbishment projects.

Why Planning ?

It is a profession that works to improve the quality of life of people and their living and working environments, bringing in comfort, convenience, health and beauty.

Specialization Post graduate Programs in
1. Urban Planning
2. Regional Planning
3. Urban and Regional Planning
4. Housing
5. Transport Planning
6. Environmental Planning
7. Infrastructure planning
8. Project planning and management
9. Rural Planning and Development
10. Disaster management and planning
11. Geo Informatics Systems

Career Opportunities
Recruitment in
1. State Urban Development Department
2. Urban Development Authorities
3. Town Planning and Valuation Department
4. Urban Local Bodies
5. State Tourism Development department
6. Private consultants and
7. Infrastructure development consultants such as Crisil, IRB, ILFS etc